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about us

R.E. Owens Dredging has been a family owned and operated company since 1968. Over the years, founder Gene Owens made a name for himself as being the premier pond expert in Lapeer and surrounding counties. He turned dragline operation into an art form. Today, his son, Marc, continues on with the pond digging tradition!

When properly constructed, a new pond will not only add to your property value, but give you, your family and your friends years of enjoyment in all seasons. We have hundreds of satisfied customers and would be happy to provide you with references.

Please give us a call at (810) 656-0646, or by submitting our contact form. Every inquiry will be responded to in a timely fashion.

pond and lake experts specializing in wetlands excavation

Although draglines are still in our work fleet, Marc now takes advantage of current technology, using state-of-the-art excavators that have the same long reach capabilities of draglines, but are much more mobile and are capable of entering tight spots, such as heavily wooded areas where draglines don't have the room to swing.

we handle pond renovations, too

Over the years, an existing pond develops decaying leaves, branches, algae and other organic debris that turns into a black silty substance. More than likely, this will turn your water dark in color, and often have a 'fishy' odor associated with it. R.E. Owens Dredging also specialize in pond cleanouts. We can have your pond back to orignal condition faster than you might think!

Many times, a pond does not have the depth that homeowners might think. Having a shallow pond (less than eight feet) invites the growth of many algaes, as the sunlight is capable of reaching the bottom. Using our long reach excavators, we are able, in many instances, to reach even the center of the pond and obtain a depth that is beneficial for a healthy environment for fish and make a substantial gain in the prevention of weed and algae growth. In a nut shell, we can make it look like new again!

more than just pond experts

Don't let the title 'pond experts' fool you. We are also capable of just about any earth moving projects you have. New home construction? We do everything from building your driveway to constructing your septic system. We can dig your basement, do all back filling and final grading too. We have our own gravel pit, so many times topsoil, sand and gravel is available seven days a week. One reputable contractor to do all your on site work can save you money and headaches.

stop in and see us

R.E. Owens dredging is located in Attica, Mi. We invite you to stop by and see the beautiful ponds we have here, and show you the creative things we can do with the excavated materials to give your land a natural and rolling appearance. Thanks for visiting our website. Call us anytime to arrange a free expert opinion and quote of any project you have.

Marc Owens, Owner
(810) 656-0646